Is Art For Me?

Transforming your house into your own personal home can be a challenging task. You have handpicked every piece of furniture in a room and have done your best to cover the ones you haven’t with enough decoration to bring them more in line with your aesthetic – but there still seems to be an emptiness to it. Art can be one of the best ways to liven up a room and fill it with warmth.

Perhaps off-put by the intimidating demeaning aura of the art world, finding art has been something you have declined to pursue or acknowledge may in fact be perfect for you. Art is far from restricted to a few names that you encountered through your education on a field trip. There are artists all over the world that can display and sell their artwork all online.

Art As An Investment

There can be fear when talking about buying art, that there are unimaginable price tags involved. But the reality is that unique, limited and original artwork can be attained at very reasonable prices for what can still be an impressive and high-quality artist. No matter how big a painting you require, you will be able to find art you love that you can afford.

For a few hundred pounds, you can easily expect to be able to place something that spoke to you subliminally and inspired you to fall in love with something just because it was beautiful. Your own, personally chosen original artwork created by an artist who has filled a canvas with something spiritual, they have filled a blank sheet with something that did not exist before – and somehow, this has spoken to you and attracted you to it.

But should you consider art as a monetary investment? Certainly, it is possible and even likely that an artist who has painted something that inspires you will also have created paintings that attracted other people. They can increase in popularity and if they do so you may see an increase in the prices they sell their paintings for. How much you can sell yours for in relation to this is where it becomes harder.

Considering art as a monetary investment can seem appealing, but the truth is that there are far from any guarantees. Choose something you truly love, and you may find that other people fell in love just as much as you. However quickly your chosen artist may or may not become the next big thing, you will have the painting to enjoy for that time – so it is much better to pick a painting you love and hope you would never feel the desire to sell it than it is to pick a painting you hope you will be able to sell.

The real value of owning a painting is inviting that beauty into your life. Creative people are the ones who make things magnificent and beautiful, and the economic value of beauty can not be calculated. Over time, a paintings beauty doesn’t decay – it is put onto the canvas and frozen there. No matter how far we get from the moment of the painting’s creation, the beauty will persist. If it is a real piece of art, that beauty will seep into your life. A great piece of art is a conversation with an incalculable, unnamable being that influences the universe. Don’t be terrified of art, of colour – don’t choose what you think is palatable to others. Make your own, personal aesthetic decision and make a decision to bring something beautiful into your world.

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