Colourful Paintings

Introducing colour to your home can seem intimidating initially. When you have put in so much effort to make a room’s colour scheme cohesive, introducing brighter accenting is a delicate balancing exercise that can quickly overpower a room. You can begin initially with a few small things here and there – but ultimately, the best way to add the wow factor to a room is a feature piece.

Choosing Bold Colours

How bold should you be with your colour choices? The answer is generally a personal one – you decide what combination and levels of colour, tone and hue you feel aesthetically pleased by. Allow your mind the freedom to simply be attracted to a piece of artwork, and choose that one. For some, the spark of their individuality may feel naturally swayed towards an exciting mixture of vibrant orange and electric pink – you may feel less comfortable venturing so boldly through the colour wheel. Buy a painting that inspires you and allow it to do the thinking for you.

Remember that brighter colours stimulate and excite a room, so make sure with the particularly bright choices that you avoid placing them in rooms that you intend to relax in. You can still introduce vibrant colours to a room designed for relaxation – a painting of a sunset can be full of colour and still be mellow enough to be included in rooms that are more about switching off than creating electricity.

What to Be Inspired By

Starting with a feature piece allows you to inform other decisions for highlights within a room. The introduction of a well-chosen colourful painting can act as the perfect place to pick highlight colours to add to your room, and the artist’s balance of their colour usage can help you to understand the ratios you may wish for.

Plain white rooms can handle an eclectic mix of colours just as well as darker rooms can, they can even allow you to add more colour than just a few highlights. White rooms really allow for experimentation of the quantity of colour you can introduce to a room and are much less likely to be overpowered by mixtures of an entire spectrum of colours.

A white room with an ample amount of colour infused can truly begin to feel lighter, airier and a more joyous place to be. In such bright rooms, it is still important to effectively balance the colours chosen – a bright yellow for example can appear richer and more vibrant with the addition of more mellow greens and blues. Balance is the key to effectively implementing colour.

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