If spending time at home throughout the past year has gotten you to re-evaluate your environment, you may have become tired of your living spaces. Buying a painting can be an inspirational way to not only liven up your home with some colour but will also allow you to fall in love with the house you live in again.

Filling your home with vibrant, colourful paintings can allow your mind to adjust itself to the appropriate energy you hope to achieve in various rooms in your house. You would be surprised just how much the addition of a painting can change the atmosphere of a room and can provide you with direction and inspiration for other decorating decisions as you slowly curate your home to be the personal space you desperately desire.

While it may seem far fetched to think adding a colourful painting to a room can have such a profound effect on your perception of a room, the psychological effects of colour have developed over millions of years within our minds. We are biologically programmed to associate certain colours with a corresponding list of general traits – you know red is warm for example because you will associate it with fire, but not all fires are truly red. This is an association that takes place in your subconscious, just like you know green to represent nature in some way.

Bright colours are particularly impactful on our psyche and excite your mind. You are biologically programmed to focus on bright colours because, through our evolution, we have found that bright colours will signify something important to remember – poisonous plants and animals are often brightly coloured, and this dangerous trait is understood by most living things, beyond just humans.

Pretty Colours Make More Than a Pretty Picture

Buying art for your home is not only one of the best ways to breathe new life into your rooms aesthetically, but also has many benefits beyond this. The potential for it to be a financial investment is not something that should be underestimated. Even beyond the value of the painting, the impact buying a piece of art can have on your life and property is often overlooked.

The economic value of beauty is nearly incalculable, the romance and beauty of Europe is one of its greatest assets. The fact that cities such as Rome and Paris are so famous for their beauty is almost directly linked to the presence of art and how deep-rooted the art lives within these cities.

Inviting beauty into your home, through art, is an invitation not only to the art – but to what it represents. Artists contend with the unknown, they channel and distil pure inspiration onto a canvas and build beauty into the pictures impulsively. Unlike many things, this beauty matures – the further away from its moment of creating an art piece gets the more beautiful it becomes. The beauty of a well-chosen piece of art won’t decay but will increase. Many people consider art to truly be a relationship with something transcendental.

Personalising your living spaces by buying art allows you to create an environment that is filled with vitality, it will invite a seed of creativity into your life that will begin to impact your experiences. Find a piece of art that speaks to you and you will continue to have a dialogue with it for the rest of your life.

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