If you are wondering how to energize your home without a full-scale renovation, then consider the purchase of a new piece of art. Originality, kudos, chic and fashion sense are just a few things that come with that special acquisition of modern abstract art.

Whether you are new to art or a lifelong collector, it is always exciting to discover a new work of art that could transform your home in an instant. For this you need to be bold and adventurous. Believe in your immediate reaction to a piece of art. People tend to start with small works, but it is a large framed painting that can help inject life into an otherwise plain decor.

Large framed painting

Paintings with a frame command immediate respect, reminding one of the masterworks hanging in respected galleries the world over. Framing indicates a selection, a choice. The work has been identified as having significance and status. Commanding attention within your residence, saying look at me, bestowing class and style on both yourself and your home.

New art for sale

A new collection of stunning artworks has recently appeared on the market from a long established Italian modern artist. You have the opportunity to take advantage of having one of the very first peeks. It is not every day that works of such depth and vibrancy come together in one collection to provide the potential customer with a cornucopia of choice.

Choose from a wide selection of large framed paintings blending exquisite colour combinations which inform the palette choices you make for your interior. Picking up on notes first hinted at in the feature piece can help create the desired colour coordination necessary, allowing the room to whisper taste and sophistication.

Abstract designs focus on the merging of dark and light and shade. In turn, works of this nature help change the ambience from warm, to cool, busy to relaxed, contemplative to reflection. Your living spaces mirror the equanimity captured on these canvases

What can we see in these works?

They play on our senses with her evocative blends of resonant colour. Merging colour and line to evoke the storms of Turner, her art moves over the canvas like clusters of clouds, laval eruptions and fire mosaics. Drawing on the best examples of modern art composition, including Mondrian’s abstract expressionism, Warhol’s prints and Lichtenstein’a pop art to name a few.

All of this and more can walk through your front door the moment you decide to invest in a significant, new piece of art. Creating a central focus of inspiration for your living space, and a topic of conversation when friends are over. Making you the envy of the neighborhood, and filling you with a sense of personal pride. All it takes is that leap of faith in the power of art to transform. After you take that step forward you will immediately notice the positive influence such a purchase can attain.

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