Bright Paintings

Buying a brightly coloured painting can illuminate your room without the need to completely renovate it. Rooms without windows can often suffer from the lack of natural sunlight, which is confounded in rooms with darker or richer coloured furnishings and decorations.

Whether it’s a dining room, study, or another more intimate corner of the house – a room that once felt luxurious and intimate can now appear dull and dim once you have gotten used to its opulence. These more intimate rooms often don’t have a window, but if they do then the windows are often shrouded in thick curtains or blackout blinds. Even though a dark room can feel comforting – the addition of a brightly coloured painting can make the deeper, richer colours more vibrant and avoid the room appearing dull and forgotten. Contrast is the key to balancing the room appropriately.

Buying a Bright Painting

What kinds of things should you consider when choosing a bright painting for your room becomes the next point of contention. Despite instincts to select a darker painting with some highlights that would coordinate with your room, lifting the room can be done more effectively with a bolder choice of colour – don’t feel confined by the colour palette already in place.

From a scientific standpoint, brightening a room is just allowing the light to be reflected and distributed better throughout the room. Along with your newly bought original artwork, you should also consider adding some glass, crystal or glossy furnishings to the room that will reflect the new, bright highlight around the room.

Adding a mirror to a room with a bright painting in it, either on the opposing wall or alternatively placed on a conjoining wall that will allow both the painting and the mirror to be seen is a surprisingly effective method at doubling the apparent brightness of the room.

Metal surfaces can be utilised in a similar fashion in order to let a painting’s colours radiate throughout a room and will support the darker, richer aesthetic without adding any jarring features that detract from the rooms general mood.

Neutral Coloured Rooms Need Vibrancy Too

Bright paintings can also work wonders in neutral-toned rooms, consider how a majestic piece of scenery will have its own natural contrasting colour scheme. Larger, darker pieces of artwork will have the effect of absorbing the light from a neutral room rather than adding to it. If a naturally coloured room is short on light – remember to opt for a bright feature piece instead of a more moody, deeper coloured painting.

Adding a brightly coloured feature piece, such as a painting, to a neutral room will transform what once seemed like a desert of sand tones into a true oasis. A brightly coloured painting in a grey room will have more benefit than lifting the room from a cave-like state, the darker background of the room will also make the painting appear more vibrant.

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