Buying paintings can sometimes seem like it’s an overcomplicated process, especially if you are someone who has deliberated over and researched every aspect of how to decide on what type of art to invite into your home. You may know everything about the art you want to buy – the colours, the style, the size – but you still haven’t made a purchase. The blank space in your living room remains, the dining room persists to feel sterile, and you have run out of corners to add plants to in the hope to breathe some new life into your home. So how do you buy a painting?

How To Buy Paintings

There is an ever-increasing number of ways to buy art now, and with the entire world at your fingertips via a device small enough to fit in your pocket, it can seem easy to ignore what is right on your doorstep. The reason you haven’t bought a painting yet likely isn’t for much reason beyond you haven’t found the right one yet. You can trust your impulses when it comes to art. You are not looking for something to live with; you are looking for something you can’t live without. So get in front of some art – allow yourself the freedom to find what you love.

You should never underestimate what may be available in your local area. Small framing galleries are in many towns. Even if you do not find the exact piece of art you are looking for – the ability to go and examine artwork up close can still provide a lot of inspiration for you on your journey to find your perfect painting.

Checking out local artists that either display their work in a local gallery or own a small gallery can help you to uncover more about the art you would like in your home than browsing hundreds of images online. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions to someone who curates the pieces, and may even allow you an introduction to the artist behind the works.

How To Buy Paintings Online

Of course, it is not always going to be that you find the artwork you love hanging on the wall with a for sale tag. You may have seen artwork online in styles that just don’t seem available to you locally, but how do you actually go about buying paintings online?

Social media can be an excellent place to introduce yourself to the painting you have envisioned filling your wall at home. The concept of visiting a gallery, may seem an intimidating prospect for a multitude of reasons. Even though it brings you closer to the paintings, it can detach you from recognising the personal nature of choosing art due to the formality of the location.

You can find an incredible array of artists from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages that will either be owned by the artist or run by a gallery that collects and curates artwork from multiple artists. These pages should lead you to the artist themselves, and their website. Every style of art available can be browsed, and your search can be refined by terms you begin to become familiar with that further differentiate these artworks within the broader style terms you may have come across. Abstract art, for example, broadly encompasses things such as abstract realism, surrealism, cubism, expressionism. All of these styles can be mixed and intermingled within artwork – channeled from the imagination of the conduit – the artist.

While it may initially seem like an impersonal way to approach them, it is almost certainly one of the most popular ways to directly interact with an artist that you have grown fond of. You still have the opportunity to ask questions and should not feel dissuaded from doing so. Artists will almost always be happy to introduce themselves to you beyond their pieces of expression. Sometimes the story of an artist can provide a context to a piece of work that allows you to fall even more deeply in love with it than the initial instinctive response to enjoying the painting itself.

Remember to always be respectful when you contact an artist, it is of course understandable that price can be a deciding factor when choosing a painting, but artists will have set prices for their work for a reason – it is best to avoid being demanding with your offers, or trying to haggle over their rates. An artist won’t be annoyed if you approach the subject honestly, there is nothing wrong with asking what the price of a painting may be, and no shame in politely stating that you are not prepared to spend as much on a painting as it costs. The artist may have suggestions on alternatives that can be provided to you.

Do not let the matter of cost prevent you from searching. The prices of artwork online can vary widely – just because an artist may seem new to you does not necessarily mean they do not have a following and a rich history that demands the price tags they have assigned to their work. Equally, an artist who has created a piece you love may have very affordable price tags associated with it – it never hurts to check what your options are. Great artwork doesn’t have to be expensive, and the internet allows you access to local artists all over the world who can be highly talented but price their work very affordably. As long as the price is within your budget, you can not spend too little on a piece of artwork that you love. You may discover one of the following critically acclaimed artists, but most importantly, you may find a great artist that you love.

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