From Above


140x70x2cm on 2 canvas 70x70cm each.

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“From Above” is an original artwork created with acrylic colours and gold leaf on canvas.
The edge is painted in black and ready to be hung up.
It will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.

A lot of my paintings created around this time look at the natural world and the wonder of it all, from different perspectives – whether it’s the view at a certain time of day and how the light changes our mood, the view of the sky from below or in this case, the earth from high above.

There aren’t many things for me that can compete with the excitement of travel. The promise of new experiences in a far off new land never ceases to enthral me.
Here I tried to capture the wonder and awe of that moment when the aeroplane first breaks through the clouds to reveal your destination below. In daylight, the sun reflects off the myriad buildings of a city beneath you. This and the scorched earth of a host country is captured through the textured gold leaf. The fluffy whites conjure up those wispy clouds that hover over the land, while the luscious turquoise hints at the lakes and rivers of an undiscovered new paradise awaiting you.

Materials used:
Acrylic colours & mixed media on canvas. Finished with final varnish to protect it against sunlight and dust

My point of view:
I think that there is never a right or wrong way to make art.
The most important thing is trying. Do not raise any barriers that prevent you from expressing yourself.
Just do it and make something.

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